Thursday, January 27, 2011

linear motor rifles

a.k.a: rail guns. a quick concept for a rail gun system. the upper is an anti-material or sniper type weapon, with two (of the same) batteries and a p90 style projectile magazine, it could also go full auto if the firer was a robot or modified human up for the recoil. the lower one is a cqb assault rifle/smg, with single battery and burst fire capacitor, and a standard style mag.


  1. Working on a Friday night man? These are rad!

  2. Big one with "p90 style" ammo clip. What is inserted in the butt of the rifle?

  3. cheers!
    hey roman, the little cylinder in the stock is a replaceable canister of liquid helium 4 coolant, for cooling of the mechanism. railguns get hot!

  4. Hey Aaron, it seems you are working for NASA or BAE systems ;) drawing and paiting is just a hobby :)
    You designs are odd but very smart and look cool!
    Design is really great, but I think the canister should be combined with ammo clip, at list for submachine gun, because if it get's empty in combat you need to change the canister, then to change empty ammo clip. Plus battery. Not practical. For sniper rifle it may work, since it doesn't have burst mode. Just my thoughts :)

  5. hey roman, thanks for the constructive criticism! i don't mind at all. i thought of combining the projectile/power/coolant into one mag, but didn't because it would look boring, and you wouldn't read it as a rail gun. plus the great thing about a railgun is the scalable nature of the projectile speed/power-usage, ie dial the current back to fire more slugs at lower velocity against soft targets, or crank it up to pierce armour. the coolant usage would scale up or down to match. having all in one mag disallows this. did i mention it wouldn't look as cool? ha ha cheers!

  6. Thanks for details, Aaron. From appearence persctive you are right, your version is very spectacular.


  7. Assuming the rail gun is strictly electromagnetic there should be no recoil, right?

    On the other hand, if it is a hybrid mechanism where an explosive charge was used to start the slug into motion and then the electromagnetic barrel was used to further accelerate the slug then I could see some form of recoil.

    Fantastic designs BTW...

  8. Of course there is recoil. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction. As the slug goes forward down the rails, the rails get pushed back. Man portable railguns would need to fire a very small round or have a very effective recoil surpresser. Some shotguns use mercury filled tubes in the stock filled to 70% - 90% liquid to reduce recoil. Heavy but none mechanical, none magnetic. Only good for single or slow firering guns (guess). Also if you flush the the rails with liquid helium you could crack the rails with extended use. You could put a chamber on the rails that holds the LH, that would reduce the chance of shocking the rails. The chamber would need to expand (down the length) to stop the LH from getting to too high a pressure with relief valve and or cut off to stop firering. Or vent post shot. Got carried away there. Just my 2 cents

  9. Love these. The little technical details give so much feasibility. Just one thing though: did you have thought behind how the armatures for the bullets would look. Seeing you use this barrel design (, I assume the armatures for the bullets would fit into those grooves. Or are perhaps the bullets kept in another chamber? Additionally, with such a deisg, how would you add spin to the projectiles? In any case, this is just a silly little observation. I pure terms of concept design the barrel holes give it visual interest and makes it look more specific for a railgun (cause it is a unique looking barrel). The boxy looking scope and the zig zag pattern along the barrel is my favourite parts about it. Your mechanical designs is a huge inspiration.

    1. You don't need to add stabilizing spin to the projectile when you reach the absurd theoretical velocities that railguns can achieve, at any kind of reasonable battlefield ranges the trajectory would be completely flat even with a completely blunt, angular projectile. Ballistic coefficients and all that jazz kind of fall away when you reach mach 9 unless you are talking about a ship mounted system that "lobs" rounds an an intercontinental arc, in which case you might want to make it aerodynamic in some way (not sure if you would though). It makes more sense to choose a projectile shape that stacks in the most space economical way, as in the HK G11 with it's "squares"...

      As for using sabot type rounds that would probably have to be of the non discarding type as you would have the pieces leaving the muzzle at absurd speeds and slicing friendly troops to shreds. I other words in a railgun the projectile needs to be a one piece solid slug to be viable. Skunkwurx is right as well, a tiny caliber, like maybe 2 or 3 mm would be one way to manage recoil and would still produce devastating liquefaction on impact very large to it's relative size. Neal Stephenson has a very well though out design in his classic novel Snow Crash which fires 3mm DU rounds in a miniaturized Gatling type format (another potential way to manage heat) although it still has enormous recoil. This would also allow for monster magazine capacities measured in the many hundreds of rounds in boxes or tens of thousand in external ammo tanks.

      Whew, anyway I digress, I love this design, very inspirational and in line with my own tastes for well thought out "feasible" mechanical design. I myself am working on some designs for Gauss type weapons as the frictionless operation would be the zenith of projectile weapons although it's further into the futures as theoretical tech.

      Great work and great blog!

  10. What about an even smaller-caliber pistol version?

  11. Hey Aaron, these designs look incredible, great job on them. Has anyone taken them to 3d? If not would you mind if I gave it a try? I would link to here and give you full credit for the design of course. Let me know,thanks!

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